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Pathways Yoga Systems, Ltd.
 a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified School, teaches classic yoga in the Western World. PYS certified wellness teachers use Deconstructed Asana Applications along with their own personal styles of yoga including Arhum Yoga. It offers 4 levels of accomplishment that total 1000 hours of experience.

The various Systems of PYS

address the needs of the whole person,

establishing a fundamental understanding

of "mind, body, spirit". These systems

allow students to bridge the gap between

the fitness world and traditional yoga classes. 

                      Instruction in breathing and relaxation,philosophy,     

                      guided imagery and meditation practices, (as well as

                      physical exercises),is an integral part of every class.

A specialty of Pathways Yoga System's Training, "Body Awareness" is a wellness approach that optimizes the physical, psychological well-being and spiritual aspects of each student.   The Body Awareness techniques also allow PYS teachers to provide students with customized programs that work with their doctors and therapists recommendations.

This System provides an approach to total wellness while providing the tools needed to motivate individuals to accept responsibility for their own health.

Pathways Yoga teachers are a network of yoga teachers who use the same class formats in their classes. This gives them the ability to substitute for each other with no interruption in class progress/flow.

Pathways teachers are popular for their ability to assure on-going classes and are requested by Hospitals, Colleges, Health facilities, and Adult Ed courses. They are also available to format and teach corporate programs (Ergonomic and Stress Reducing are popular choices along with Hatha Yoga exercise classes) and private yoga training classes.

Our yoga style is therapeutic and traditional.  It's the Yoga your doctor recommends!

We offer many specialty workshops as well as traditional Yoga Alliance 200 and 500 hour certifications.

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